5 Must Haves of a Modern Office

The office as we know it has changed. In the not too distant past, office spaces were something that struck fear into the heart of the 9-5 worker. Drab, outdated and claustrophobic, those spaces made the office not only unpleasant to work in, but actively counterproductive.

Today, the old assumption that anonymous environments aid concentration has been scrapped. In its place is a bold, inventive and – dare we say it – fun vision of the office as a place where great people, great ideas and great business practice come together.

Creating this kind of space, however, isn’t easy. The modern office requires not only a shift in perception, but also investment in new ideas and technology. So, what are our five must haves of a modern office? Join us, as we share the secrets.


  • Standing desks

Standing desks, once seen as a curiosity (albeit one utilised by literary greats like Hemingway and Dickens), have become one of the hottest trends in modern office design.Mountains of research have shown the negative cumulative impact that sitting can have on the body. Causing a range of health problems from obesity to cancer, sitting has been called “the new smoking”. Needless to say, the modern office isn’t finished without standing desks.

  • Collaborative spaces

The old notion of grey cubicles might well have meant you could cram more workers into a space than before, but it also segregated employees from each other and limited potential collaboration.One of the first corporations to really embrace the modern office was Google, who built in acres of light, bright and fun collaborative space for their employees to work together on new directions, products and ideas. If you need proof of how well that worked out for them, take a look at their share price.

  • Smart technology

Aside from the people inside them, offices have never really been ‘smart’, per se. Now, with the rise of the Internet of Things, the office itself has finally become smart.With smart lighting and heating, your office environment can save your business money, but that’s not the only advantage of a smart office. Office automation enables enhanced productivity and communication – freeing your employees from the drab monotony of certain tasks.

  • Space

Space also enables dramatically improves communication, collaboration and movement. The modern office utilises space not just create bigger grey boxes for your employees to sit in, but a place that’s a joy to navigate both physically and mentally. It might sound simplistic, but space is absolutely vital for the modern office to flourish. Your employees feel more comfortable, noise is reduced and the overall atmosphere of your office is dramatically improved simply by virtue of allowing your office to breathe.

  • Floating workstations

Walk through a traditional office and you’ll see a room for the accounting team, a room for the PR team, a room for the customer relations team and so on. Simple? Yes, but also counterproductive to a truly engaged workforce.By removing restrictions on where and with whom your employees can work with, you encourage a new level of communication and collaboration. Video game developer Valve laid the groundwork for this, putting all desks on wheels and eliminating the typical power structures that permeate traditional office layouts. The result? Employees that think differently and solve problems faster.


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