How to expand your golf operation despite Covid-19

Here are our top 5 strategies for providing new revenue streams:


Holiday Lodges / Glamping Pods

Many golf clubs have additional land which may just be a drain on the maintenance crews’ valuable resource. Often planning permission for lodges or glamping pods can be secured on can be an almost immediate revenue stream, especially as the country recovers and more tourists look to stay closer to home. Most of our new facilities make more money from residential properties than they do from Golf Operations.




Selling off parcels of land.

We have represented many golf clubs through this process, helping to release value tied up in spare land. The key to this process is to ensure any uplift in land value benefits the club and isn’t lost to shrewd developers. Sometimes this entails adjustments to the golf course often spare land can be easily identified with a one day safety audit. Our most recent sale aims to bring the owners £80 million.


Repurposing out of date clubhouses.

An effective method for extracting value from a golf club is to build a brand new clubhouse by developing the existing clubhouse for residential accommodation. We have a proven track record of successful planning applications for this route. New clubhouses inevitably brings new members and thus increased revenue in addition to the proceeds from any residential property.


Golf Course Landfill Land Fill ConstructionLandfill operations.

Accepting inert construction waste landfill can be a lucrative option and enables golf clubs to remodel all or part of their courses paid for by the income generated. Offering new updates to the course helps with member retention and also new membership.



Land swaps.

Property developers will pay significant sums of money for strategic sites such as golf courses. In some cases, we have seen developers pay for the relocation of a golf club including all construction and business costs with the club having sufficient additional funds to build hotels, spas and function spaces, further assisting with the operation.


If any of these ideas interest you or you would like to discuss any other ideas, we would love to hear from you.

We are desperately aware that the Covid 19 Pandemic has hit our hospitality and leisure industry hard. As we begin to emerge from this health crisis, we are keen to work with clients to help them re-shape and adapt their businesses in response to the inevitable long term impact.

We recognise that golf club committees and staff do not always have a great deal of time so we are always here to help. As well as great design, we can organise any required planning permissions, make introductions to industry partners, bring finance packages and even offer to Joint Venture some of the ideas above.