Why your Office Design Needs to Reflect your Brand

Running a business in 2016 is anything but simple. Between our brick & mortar, online and customer service presences, there are plenty of plates which we have to keep spinning in order to accurately and positively promote our brands.

All of this might enough to keep you busy, but it doesn’t end there. There’s one more area of your business that requires keen attention paid – your office. Traditionally a space for administrative work, the office has been transformed in recent years. But does it really need to reflect your brand identity? Here’s 3 reasons why it does.


  • Your HQ forms the bedrock of your brand

    Though fancy websites and beautifully designed retail locations do wonders for the perception of your business, ultimately your HQ sets the tone for your brand. It’s no secret that impressive headquarters promote a successful vision of your brand, but it remains an essential truth for businesses of all sizes. Take a look at Apple Campus 2, for example. Affectionately nicknamed the ‘spaceship’, the Campus 2 is set to become Apple’s new HQ, encompassing 2.8 million square feet of office, research and development space, a corporate fitness centre and an entire park right in the middle. Most importantly of all, however, it chimes perfectly with Apple as a brand in 2016.Sleek, innovative, futuristic, green and forward thinking, Apple Campus 2 will open in 2021 and will set a new standard for office design worldwide – which is a very ‘Apple’ thing to do.


  • Offices inform your employees’ actions and thoughts

    Of course, we all know that when taking on new staff, ensuring you get the right characters is utterly essential. Despite our hard work crafting a brand identity, it all comes down to the attitudes of our employees. The way they think, feel and conduct themselves in the office has to be entirely in line with the brand identity of your business, or you risk the disintegration of your hard earned brand.That’s where good office design comes in. An oft touted example of this comes from Valve. As a company, they’ve filled their offices with brilliant, innovative thinkers and polymaths from across countless disciplines. To get the best out of them, however, they’ve done away with much of what traditional wisdom deems required at an office.There are no walls, no fixed workstations, and no hierarchy. Employees are encouraged to float freely between projects, finding spaces and projects where they can contribute. In short, Valve’s office design enables their employees to think differently and innovate at a remarkable rate, reflecting their brand perfectly.


  • Your office can be a perfect showpiece for your brand

    For certain sectors the office is more than just a place where your employees go to work – it’s a prime example of what your business can achieve. Consider an architectural design office, for example. In theory, a space in any old office tower can suffice, but a custom designed and built office space is the perfect way to demonstrate to customers exactly what you do.


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