Just a few of the partners that IDG or its predecessor PGA Design Consulting have had the previlege of working with:
ZQAN Construction / Azerbaijan

De Vere Hotels / England

Government of Rajasthan

Somerset Holdings / Singapore

HM Crown Commissioners

Government of Cuba


Sahara Commercial Corp / India

Government of Goa

Hyundai Corporation / Korea

MBN News Group / Korea

Bando Engineering Corp / Korea

Crete Golf Club / Greece

Kumkang Housing Corp / Korea
Ecosse Regeneration / Scotland

DLF Corporation / India

Gazprom / Russia

Bukhatir Group / Dubai

KRA Government Corporation / Korea

Ruwaad Holdings / Dubai

Carnoustie Group / India

Solaris Group / India

Gocay Turizm / Turkey

Esencia Hotels and Resorts / Cuba

IFEZ Authority / Korea

SGFEZ Authority / Korea

Multivision Infrastructure / India

Jimmy Connors Tennis Academies