The Future of the Workplace

In the modern world of business we can walk around with our offices in our pockets. Smart phones and tablets have made it possible to access our online data and conduct the majority of our business activities from virtually anywhere. It has completely reinvented the modern office space.

However, the office of the future won’t just feature consumer-grade devices; the entire office space will be integrated. Here are five different factors which may affect this:

The Internet of Lighting

The Internet of lighting will be the next big thing to grace offices throughout the world. While the technology is still in early development, it will revolutionize work spaces. Smart lighting will be able to do far more than simply switch off when rooms are empty, it will be able to detect the mood of people, and then adjust the colour and hue of the light bulbs using “digital psychology.”

Cloud Computing

During the last year we’ve seen just how powerful the Cloud has become. It offers unlimited storage, immense speed and extremely high security. Cloud computing is set to become a universal standard and could potentially eliminate the need for physical data storage. The Cloud is the gateway of communication for smart computing and allows many devices, even if they’re completely unrelated, to seamlessly integrate with each other.

Smart Furniture

Office furniture will start to take a more individual approach, providing a high level of customization for the user. Workstations that can be taken apart and attached to other furniture is already a common fixture at many tech firms. However, when 3D printing finally makes it into the office space, chairs, desks, and even computer keyboards, will all be ergonomically moulded to the user to provide the maximum level of comfort.

3D Printing

Give it a few years and virtually everything—from organs to office furniture—will have been 3D printed. While 3D printers are still in their infancy in the commercial sector, every home and office will eventually have one. 3D printers will be a birthing pod for chairs, desks, ornamentation and even computers. When hardware breaks down or components go missing, it will no longer be a problem. All you’ll have to do is print a new part!

Remote and Flexible Working

Working off-site is already a common occurrence among many of today’s tech firms, such as Virgin and Microsoft. Smart technology allows everybody to remain constantly connected, and for some businesses, eliminates the need for a traditional space entirely. Businesses that can’t offer remote working opportunities are starting to use “hot-desking” as an alternative, which allows employees to move freely around the office space and feel less constrained, which in turn could alter the way office spaces are planned, with more space being allocated to break-out areas and alternative working environments.

Smart glasses, smart phones and smart watches all form the “smart” ecosystem, and can all be seamlessly interconnected to create an accessible network of devices. They have already moved beyond home consumables and into offices all over the world. It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the office technology follows.


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