Top Ten Sporting Moustaches

IDG specialise in golf, sports and leisure related design worldwide so to celebrate the month of ‘Movember’, IDG has nominated its top 10 sports stars with a moustache.

10. Daily Thompson

Double Olympic Golf Medal winning former world record decathlon holder and computer game star. A genuine muscleman’s tash.


9. Fluff

Real name Mike Cowan, former Tiger Woods caddy and currently serving on the bag of Jim Furyk.  A wild growth on an otherwise calming influence.


8. Sam Torrence

Ryder cup captain and hero with 43 professional golf tournament wins to his name. A 1980s defining moustache.


7.  Cliff Thorburn

Former world snooker champion, the Canadian went by the nickname ‘the grinder’.


6. Merv Hughes

The Austrian right armed fast bowler, famous for talking to opponents in colourful language. Strewth, what a growth!


 5. David Seaman

Former Arsenal and England goalkeeper, despite being a lefthander he threw the football with his right hand.


 4. Nigel Mansell

 The legendary British formula 1, indie and touring car driver no longer sports his fine moustache which confuses race fans to this day


3. Mark Spitz

Winner of 7 gold swimming medals at the Munich Olympics, this aquatic marvel probably has the lowest drag co-efficient of any sporting moustache.


2. David Boone

The second Australian cricketer to make the list, this says a lot about Australians and Cricket. David Boon was a first class Austrian and Durham cricketer AKA Bonnie was famous for his portly figure.


 1. Carlos Valderrama

The classic Colombian number 10 was a must have for any panini sticker collecting school child. Apparently his wife has the same hair (assuming not the moustache) and he has named is son Kevin.



 So now you know the competition, it’s your turn to grow a mo for mens health.

Click on & let us know how you get on.